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Please note that since the documentary went unexpectedly viral on the internet, over 15,000 new people have signed up to our list in the past two months. Anna is just one person, and her workshops cater for a maximum of 30 participants. All of which are fully booked for this year already (except the Advanced event below). The arithmetic challenges are clear; Anna simpy can't be everywhere all the time, obviously. Nor can she answer literally thousands of emails without having to give up all her animal and teaching work. Owing to her global teaching commitments, it will only be next year that she has the free time to develop distance learning materials. So please be patient. The 2015 schedule is almost fully planned already, so we're not considering any new workshop requests until 2016. When event details are finalized, a flyer will be sent to everyone on the mailing list so that registrations can happen fairly on a first-come, first-served basis. Meantime, empower yourself by using the internet to find a professional animal communicator closer to you from whom you can learn.


London, UK: 12 - 13 April

PRE-REQUISITE: having already completed a basic animal communication workshop                                                                                     

A unique event co-facilitated by Anna Breytenbach and Wynter Worsthorne, both professional international animal communicators who are based in South Africa and who team up to run "Wild Wisdom" events and advanced offerings.

This two-day workshop is limited to 30 participants and will cover a range of topics through direct experience and practice.

Part of the workshop is left open to be designed by the participants, to address areas that you would like some assistance with.

A pre-requisite for attendance is the completion of a basic course in animal communication with any other teacher locally or abroad. No exceptions!

This specialised workshop is relevant for you if your answers to the below are "Yes":

>  Do you want to deepen your practice of telepathic animal communication?

>  Are you ready to explore inner issues and mental programmes that may hinder clarity?

>  Would you like to learn grounding and releasing techniques?

>  Are you considering working as a professional animal communicator?

>  Have you wondered about how best to talk with humans about an animal's communication?

>  Would you like to explore the spiritual context in which telepathic communication works?

>  Are you interested in ethical considerations?  


For more information please download the Overview below or email Jessie on

ADVANCED AC UK flyer 2014.pdf390.26 KB

Findhorn (Scotland)

May and June 2014:  Findhorn Foundation, Scotland (FULLY BOOKED)


Three-day workshops showing how communication creates a valuable bridge between the worlds, using the universal language of telepathy and the use of natural intuition and abilities to communicate with other species.

These are residential workshops WHICH ARE FULL. For full details, visit the Findhorn Foundation website.

Other FULL workshops (FYI)

Italy, Netherlands, Botswana, South Africa