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Events are forthcoming...

We are delighted that there is such huge desire for telepathic animal communication emerging in the world, and thank you for your interest. Last year workshops in South Africa, Botswana, Scotland, Switzerland and Australia were filled within a few hours of our newsletter notification going out. Each time we advertise a new event, we take bookings on a first-come, first-served basis to be fair, i.e. we do not keep waiting lists. The next public events will be scheduled for late 2016 only. There's a limit to the human teaching engagements that can be scheduled within one year, especially if there's to be any time left over for Anna to spend assisting animals themselves! From next year there will be distance learning material available. We ask for your patience whilst we create and birth these and other worthwhile projects this year.

Thanks for your understanding. We encourage you to peruse our Resources page to find more avenues for furthering your interest in this topic. 


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Please note that since the documentary went unexpectedly viral on the internet, tens of thousands of people have joined our mailing list. Anna is just one person and the arithmetic challenges are clear; she simply can't be everywhere (52 countries are wanting to have workshops) nor can she reply to the hundreds of personal emails that flow in every month. In 2017 distance learning materials will be developed. So please be patient.

As new events are finalized, details will appear on this website and be sent to all subscribers so that registrations can happen fairly. Meantime, empower yourself by using the internet to find a professional animal communicator closer to you from whom you can learn, or start with our Resources page HERE