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                    Ponta D'Ouro, Mozambique:  2 - 7 October 2014 


Join our 5-day/night journey just across the South African border to the beautiful beaches of Ponta D'Ouro and the wild dolphins who frequent the bay. Hosted by the DolphinCare-Africa conservation team, we're well cared for with all meals, etc. provided.
We engage our minds, hearts and souls as we immerse ourselves in the company and wisdom of wild Dolphins in their natural habitat. Enjoy guided facilitation from Anna Breytenbach and Antonio Palmieri of Animalspirit and safe snorkeling swims during ethical, conscious-interaction boat launches. We experience being at one with the natural world and learning from the Dolphins - both about ourselves and them. The Dolphins help us recognise and release any blockages we have; in turn we help them through animal communication and celebrating their place in the world.
There will be plenty of free time for relaxation, integration or leisure as well as this is not a workshop but rather a retreat.
For a FULL ITINERARY, download the document below.
Investment: R14 400 incl. Accommodation, Meals, 3 Ocean Launches, Border transfers.
Excludes flight/road transport to Mozambiquan border and visa costs. 
For photos from a recent trip, click HERE
For an article about a recent workshop, see the last attachment below


BOTSWANA: 1-14 March 2015  

This 14-day/night excursion is an exclusive opportunity for 11 guests to join three guides in the heart of Africa's magic. 

Led by animal communication expert, Anna Breytenbach, and Antonio Palmieri of AnimalSpirit, we are guided by expert rangers to explore the lives of wild animals in their natural habitat. During our stay at three different bush camps, guests learn telepathic animal communication and put this into practice themselves with mentoring from Anna and Antonio. 

Combining numerous game drives, practicing intuitive communication, tracking skills and the rhythms of camping in the wilds, this is a powerful personal and relational experience.

For ALL inquiries for this trip, please contact the organiser, Gennifer, via email
For a full itinerary of the trip, view the document below


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Please note that since the documentary went unexpectedly viral on the internet, over 20,000 new people have signed up to our list in just a few months. Anna is just one person, and her workshops cater for a maximum of 30 participants. The arithmetic challenges are clear; Anna simply can't be everywhere all the time, obviously. Nor can she respond to thousands of personal emails. Owing to her global teaching commitments, it will only be in 2015 that distance learning materials will be developed. So please be patient.

As new events are finalized, details will appear on this website and/or be sent to everyone on the mailing list so that registrations can happen fairly. Meantime, empower yourself by using the internet to find a professional animal communicator closer to you from whom you can learn, or start with our Resources page here