Children's Book

How Diablo Became Spirit

Based on a true story, this wonderful bedtime tale for kids ages 6 through 12 tells of the difficult journey of Spirit the black leopard, told from his own point of view.  

Missing Animals

Here is a directory of communicators who may be able to assist you:

You may also read or download this informative, helpful article written by Barbara George to assist you with practical and energetic advice when your animal has gone missing.

When is an animal missing?

Code of Ethics

In selecting a professional interspecies communicator to work with, check that they subscribe to this compassionate and responsible Code of Ethics devised by Penelope Smith (


Suggested Reading

Suggested reading list for those wishing to learn more about animal communication and related topics. Please download the attached list by clicking "Read More".

The Animal Communicator - documentary

A 52-minute documentary on Anna's work titled "The Animal Communicator" is intermittently available for purchase at and can be shipped internationally. (We have no control over the documentary nor any rights, so please don't ask us.)

A powerful 13-minute excerpt is available to WATCH ONLINE at

Presentation at Findhorn Foundation

A one-hour presentation by Anna, recorded live at the Findhorn Foundation last year, giving details of how telepathic animal communication works and including Q&A with the audience. Click HERE.

WILD WISDOM: Recording of online class

A one-hour recording of an online class/interview with Anna, sharing insights into what Mother Nature is feeling and reflecting, as well as how to connect directly and sensitively with wildlife. Hosted by the Animal Communicator Forum in December 2012.